The new Mercedes will be able to predict situations

The new Mercedes will be able to predict situations

Prediction is all the rage, and the new Mercedes models will be some of the cars that get the most out of this new way of understanding safety and efficiency. Thanks to the use of a long list of sensors, advanced technologies and the exchange of data through the internet or the GPS navigation system, the new GLC or E-Class can predict possible accidents and the needs of our routes to adapt the operation of the group engine and thus achieve the lowest fuel consumption.

The first thing to highlight is the combined use of technologies to, one, minimize the risk of accident or at least the consequences of it in the worst case, and two, to reduce consumption as much as possible. Through the Pre-Safe Plus system, the Mercedes GLC will detect an imminent collision in the rear area, the classic rear-end collision that is usually common in traffic jams and urban areas, to proceed to activate a protocol that tries to minimize the severity of the collision .


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